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Managed IT support service provider for online business

Get health, insurance, banking, IT, agriculture, telecom, PAN services ,Cheap dedicated server and VPS hosting, online

Managed IT support services

With the new csc IT services a person can directly pay insurance online for small business, review insurance policy,claim insurance, etc

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windows vps hosting and web designing Services

Learn to make a website and host it online with us. You can make a business site, e-commerce and help desk portals using cheap vps hosting

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CSC banking with bank Mitra

Become bank mitra CSP today and start kiosk banking services at your service centre. Eligibility: An indian citizen who is above 18 years of age and passed test/screening exam .

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SEO Google keyword planner and Adwords FOR Page ranking

SEO application tool for a top ranking using keyword planner Google keyword planner tool is a free SEO application. In other words, it is a keyword finder too that gives keyword suggestion. It helps to analyze keywords and generate meta tag place ads using AdWords. Most SEO company uses the technique of meta tags, keywords…

What is asbestos Exposure? How it causes Mesothelioma?

What is asbestos? Asbestos is a ceramic mineral crystal. This mineral is also available in the form of dust fibres. As a result, the inhalation of asbestos fibres causes mesothelioma lung cancer. Why and how exposure to asbestos is a danger? Exposure to asbestos is most common at home, public buildings or in the military.…

Types of Asbestos | Cure Lung Cancer related diseases

Brief information about Types of it This post overview the different types of asbestos and its related diseases. That is to say, It is a carcinogenic mineral. Construction and household consumers products contain more quantities of such minerals nowadays.  Floor tiles, wall bricks, and cement are a common example of its causing agent. To clarify, Exposure…

Cheap windows and Linux VPS server hosting 2019

What is VPS server hosting used? VPS stands for a virtual private server and it has the administrative right. There is a big difference between shared, virtual and dedicated server hosting. In this page, you will come across different topics and aspects of web hosting using a different hosting platform. The VPS server hosting is…

A charity fundraising website for donating to break poverty

Charity means an organization who provides help and raise Money for those in needs. In this fundraising website you would be glad to know the types of donation you can contribute to the charity organization. You can either donate books, water, clothes, auto, blood, car or money as a support. Our trust will guide your…

Create top eCommerce websites , online shopping cart portal|Solution

  What is an e-commerce business and how does it work? eCommerce business is nothing but the online activity of buying or selling of products over the internet sites. It includes mobile commerce technology, electronic fund transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems and automated data collection…

Benefits of apna CSC digital seva in India in 2019

Apna CSC Digital Seva is a service under e-governance. Its full form is Common service centre With the arrival of Common service centre in India, a VLE can pay directly pay online insurance, for example, LIC premium Get a driving license farmer registration pay health insurance lapses online monthly or annually Recharge mobile Get Pradhan…

Apna CSC digital Seva new registration and OMT id

What is CSC Digital Seva full form? Full form of Apna CSC digital Seva is a common service center. It is a program for VLE (Village level entrepreneurship) under e-governance.  It is initiated under the department of electronics and Information Technology (DEITY), Ministry of communication and Govt of India. What is CSC connect? It is an…