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Managed IT support services

Top IT Solutions providers for companies,business and personal. Our unique services are SEO, web hosting, designing, ecommerce software development, ETC. Above all Receive daily IT free tech guide & Live chat support help desk. Also supporting Business outsourcing services for companies.

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Windows vps hosting and web designing Services

Learn to make free website and host it online using Wordpress/Joomla/Wix CMS. You can make a business site, e-commerce and help desk portals using cheap vps hosting in UK, USA,Canada and Australia

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CSC banking with bank Mitra

Become bank mitra CSP today and start kiosk banking services at your service centre. Eligibility: An indian citizen who is above 18 years of age and passed test/screening exam .Common service centre is giving good opprtuinity to youth in India, helping them earn huge income from digital India Program.

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earn money online with youtube adsense

How to earn money from Youtube 2019

We all have heard about people earning from youtube. It is easy. Earning in youtube is based on subscribers. So start monetizing your videos and earn revenues today. Follow the simple steps below

  1.  Set up a youtube channel and fill in the channel description using target keywords.
  2. Upload videos to your youtube channel. Make sure that you have uploaded a high-quality contents
  3. Fill in the video details using long tail keywords.
  4. Gain an audience by doing a little SEO. Do some backlinking with social media.
  5. Now Link with Google Adsense account and monetize your videos.

How much money do you make per view on youtube?

Advertisers pay only when the ads are clicked or watched for 30 seconds. Unless the ads are not clicked, it is not possible to earn money with youtube? However, Your impression will be counted for every video you watch.

How do you start making money with

Link your youtube account with Adsense, do some SEO on page-OFF page optimization and enable the monetization on the settings. Once it is monetized, you will be getting paid.

How many subscribers do you need to get paid?

You may need 1000 subscribers to start earning. But when you reach 10,000 subscribers, you can expect for 100$ per sponsorship.

Top highest paid youtube stars of 2018

  1. Logan Paul
  2. Pewdiepie
  3. jacksepticeye
  4. VanossGaming
  5. Markiplier
  6. Jeffree Star
  7. DanTDM

What happens if you get one million subscribers?

How much money do we get for 100K views?

Do YouTubers get paid for views?

How can I make money online instantly without Adsense?

Best SEO keyword tools for youtube

Google AdWords ads campaign tutorials the UK

Tutorial to run Google PPC ads and CTR for your business company

Log in to your Google accounts and sign up for AdWords. Then, you are ready to start marketing ads for your keywords on your website/blog. Once the page is optimized, open google analytics for page traffic analysis.

What is Google ads marketing service

Google Ads marketing is a service to run pay per click advertising (PPC) ads online. Bidding is based on keywords analytics and CTR  in Adwords. The advertisers bid on certain keywords to display clickable ads in Google search result page. It helps to promote campaign run at the target location. For example, advertisers pay to display product listing ads or service offerings advertisement or video content online in the UK. He/she need to bid the keywords in the UK only. The traffic conversion is always very fast in a paid advertising campaign such as google lead, AdMob, etc.

How to use Google AdWords service?

Google Adwords tool is a simple ads manager and analytics tool.  It supports to display clickable ads to the target location. To use Google Ads simply follow the following steps

  1. Sign up to new google account
  2. Sign in to google
  3. Click services navigation bar
  4. Select Adwords
  5. Log in with the google account
  6. Create ads using keywords
  7. Buy Bid for your company based keywords
  8. Post your ads ONLINE

What is pay per click advertising?

Pay per Click or PPC advertising is a google strategic model used to drive traffic to the website. However, the advertiser needs to pay to publishers when the ads are clicked. In other words, the SEO advertising agency or the publishers is get paid only when ads are clicked in an organic search. The PPC is also called a cost per click CPC.

What is pay per click in SEO?

when boosting traffic are required both pay per click and search engine optimization can be used. But In PPC Adwords ads, the traffic is bought whereas in SEO on page and off page Search engine optimization helps to boost more traffic organically on SERP.

Powerful Google AdWords training support and analysis for SEO

The Google Adwords provide best free SEO keyword research tool, for example, google keyword planner, CPC analysis, option to participate in bidding auction, etc. The keyword planner supports both high CPC and low CPC keywords.

Start an online political campaign with Google advertising online to drive more traffic in the election.

How do I find google keyword research tool?

You can find the google keyword planner tool easily once you sign in to google ad word using your Google user account. Select the keyword planner support and analyze the search volume, bid, and CPC.

Find free Google AdWords voucher 2019 UK

To find a free Adwords promo code, firstly you need to confirm the eligibility. Secondly, sign in to google ads, then go to billings and payments, Next click setting and manage promotional code. Finally, click+ promotional code.

Want to give Google AdWords certification exam?

Educational website for school students and teachers

What is education?

Educational website for students: Education is a part of the Learning new skills. It enhances skills development.  Poor Children in India gets primary education up to age 14. While education in parts of Africa faces attendance shortages and because of poverty and lack of access.

What are the types of education?

There are three types of the education system. They are formal, informal and nonformal education system.

Top 10 countries with most primary school pupils?

In this educational website, you will know the facts of world known educational information.

  1. India
  2. China
  3. Brazil
  4. USA
  5. Nigeria
  6. Phillippines
  7. Pakistan
  8. Mexico
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Pakistan

The 10 countries with the shortest school life expectancy

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Russia
  4. USA
  5. Brazil
  6. Indonesia
  7. Japan
  8. South Korea
  9. Ukraine
  10. Egypt

Top 10 most popular subject areas for degrees in the UK

  1. Creative arts and design
  2. Social studies
  3. Biological sciences
  4. Subject allied to medicines
  5. Engineering and technology
  6. Languages
  7. Historical and philosophical studies
  8. Computer sciences
  9. Law
  10. Business and administrative studies



Top 10 tallest and youngest US presidents

What is the best definition of politics?

The methods and tactics to run a government are called politics. In this page, you will find the top 10  longest-serving women and youngest president.

Top 10 tallest US presidents

  1. Abraham Lincoln -1861-1865 Height: 6ft 3.35 inch
  2. Lyndon B Johnson 1963-1969 Height 6ft 3.5 inch
  3. Thomas Jefferson 1801-09 Height 6 ft 2.5 in
  4. Chester A. Arthur=george Hw bush=franklin D.Roosevelt 1881-1945 6 ft 2 in
  5. Bill Clinton 1993-2001= George Washington 1789-97 height 6 ft 1.5 IN
  6. Andrew jackson 1829-37=Barack Obama 2009=ronald w Reagan 1981-89 6ft 1 in

The 10 first countries to give women the vote

  1. New Zealand
  2. Australia(South Australia 1894; Western Australia 1898; Australia united 1901)
  3. Finland ( Grand Duchy under the Russian crown)
  4. Norway
  5. Denmark and Iceland( A Danish dependency until 1918)
  6. The Netherlands
  7. Austria
  8. USSR
  9. Canada
  10. Germany=Great Britain and Ireland=Poland 1918

The 10 youngest US presidents

  1. Theodore Roosevelt
  2. John F Kennedy
  3. Bill Clinton
  4. James Kolk
  5. Milliard Fillmore
  6. Ulysses S.Grant
  7. Barck Obama
  8. Grover Cleveland
  9. James A. Garfield
  10. Franklin Pierce

Name of top 5 Longest serving presidents

  1. Teodoro Obiang Nguema
  2. Jose Eduardo dos Santos
  3. paul Biya
  4. idriss deby
  5. islam Karimov



The 10 first elements to be named after real people

Top 10 first elements to be named after real people in the world.


  1. Samarium (Sm)    – Vasili Samarsky-Bykhovets (Russia, 1803-70) – 1979
  2. Curium  Cm            -Pierre and Marie Curie (France 1859-1906; Poland 1867-1934)
  3. Nobelium No         -Alfred Nobel (Sweden, 1833-96), 1958
  4. Lawrencium Lr     – Ernest Lawrence (the USA, 1901-58), 1961
  5. Gadolinium Gd    – Johan Gadolin (Finland, 1760-1852), 1880
  6. Nobelium No      – Alfred Nobel (Sweden, 1833-96), 1958
  7. Rutherfordium Rf- Ernest Lawrence (the USA,1901-58), 1969
  8. Seaborgium Sg-   Glenn T. Seaborg (the USA, 1912-99), 1974
  9. bOHRIUM Bh- Niel Bohr (Denmark, 1885-62)
  10. Fermium Fm- Enrico Fermi (Italy, 1901-54)

Top 10 Lightest Elements on Earth in 2019

Element        Discoverer/Country

  1. Lithium –  Johan August Arfvedson, Sweden in 1817
  2. Potassium- Sir Humphry Davy, the UK in 1807
  3. Sodium – Sir Humphry Davy
  4. Rubidium- Robert Wilhelm Bunsen/Gustav Kirchoff, Germany in 1861
  5. Cesium- Robert Wilhelm Bunsen/Gustav Kirchoff
  6. Sulfur- Prehistoric
  7. Beryllium-Friedrich Wohler, Germany/ Antoine Alexandre Brutus Bussy, France in 1828
  8. Phosphorus- Hennig Brandt, Germany in 1669
  9. Calcium- Sir Humphry Davy, the UK in 1807
  10. Magnesium- Sir Humphry Davy in 1808

The 10 most common elements in the Oceans

  1. Oxygen O
  2. Hydrogen H
  3. Chlorine Cl
  4. Sodium Na
  5. Magnesium Mg
  6. Sulfur S
  7. Calcium Ca
  8. Potassium K
  9. Bromine Br
  10. Carbon

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Top 10 Largest Forest in the UK in 2019

Showing the top ten Largest forest in the UK

  1. Galloway Forest Park, Dumfries, and Galloway
  2. Kielder Forest Park, Northumberland
  3. New Forest, Hampshire
  4. Dornoch forest, Sutherland
  5. Argyll Forest Park, Argyll
  6. Queen Elizabeth forest park
  7. Thetford forest park, Perthshire
  8. Affric forest
  9. Tay forest park
  10. Glengarry forest

It would also be interesting to know the top 10 tallest trees in the UK

The top 10 tallest trees in the UK are

  1. Grand fir- Ardkinggals woodland Garden, Inveraray, Argyll, and Bute, Scotland.
  2. Douglas fir- Dunans Estate, Argyll and Bute, Scotland
  3. Stika spruce- Doune of Rothiemurchus, Aviemore, Highland, Scotland
  4. European silver-Inveraray castle estate, Inveraray, Argyll, and bute Scotland
  5. Giant sequoia- Blair Castle, Blair Atholl, Pitlochry, Perth, and Kinross
  6. Norway spruce-Reelig Glen wood, Moniak, Inverness, Highland, Scotland
  7. Noble fir- Benmore estate, Dunoon, Argyll, and bute, Scotland
  8. Low’s white fir- located in Benmore estate, Dunoon, Argyll, and bute, Scotland
  9. Low’s white fir-found in fiscally, Pitlochry, Perth, and Kinross
  10. Nordmann Fir- Located in crag-side, Rothbury, Morpeth, Northumberland, England

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SEO Google keyword planner and Adwords FOR Page ranking

SEO application tool for a top ranking using keyword planner

Google keyword planner tool is a free SEO application. In other words, it is a keyword finder too that gives keyword suggestion. It helps to analyze keywords and generate meta tag place ads using AdWords. Most SEO company uses the technique of meta tags, keywords calculator and generator to bring more traffic and conversion. With the help of this tool, you can also find free keyword search volume easily.

What is SEO google keywords and why they are important?

Keywords are magical words. It defines ideas and topic what your content is about. Choosing the right keyword helps in driving more traffic. Most SEO IT companies use the technique of keyword analysis to place pages at the top rank on SERP.  An online business can grow faster if proper keyword analysis is performed. In short, keywords finder tool plays an important role in the google ads campaigning.

To know more about the most searched Google terms, one can also use keyword planner tools, SEM rush tools, etc.

What is the most search thing on google in 2019?

Most searched words on google

  • Facebook
  • youtube
  • google
  • gmail
  • hotmail
  • xxnx
  • xvideos
  • translator
  • xxx

 The top 10 asked question in google

  • What is my IP?
  • ? time is it?
  • which song is this?
  • can you run it
  • when is mothers day
  • How to tie a tie?
  • lose weight?
  • How many ounces in a pound?
  • Earn money online

Top searched SEO keywords

  • Backlinking
  • tools
  • service?
  • What is Search engine Optimization?
  • Agency
  • optimizer
  • Small SEO tools
  • SEO blogs
  • keyword finder

How do I access the SEO google keyword planner tool?

Accessing to google keyword planer is free. It does not cost to use it. The first step to access the Adword keywords tool is to sign up an Adwords account. After signing up, log in to the Adword account. Click on the tools and select keyword finder. It is simply easy. Click here to know more information about keyword finder too.

Who is the most searched person on google?

Is Google Adwords keyword tool free?


Find Your SEO service in the following countries

UK-GermanyAustraliaDubai(UAE)Marshall Island

Does google still use keywords?

How much can an SEO make?

How do I start a carreer in SEO?

What is asbestos Exposure? How it causes Mesothelioma?

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a ceramic mineral crystal. This mineral is also available in the form of dust fibres. As a result, the inhalation of asbestos fibres causes mesothelioma lung cancer.

Why and how exposure to asbestos is a danger?

Exposure to asbestos is most common at home, public buildings or in the military. However, Asbestos exposure is a danger. For instances, the dust particle damages lungs and other respiratory organs. As a result, causes asbestosis and mesothelioma Lung cancer

Effects of Exposure and Cancer Hazard

Let us know the effects of USE of asbestos tiles and pipes at home. Exposure to asbestos is most commonly found at home, in public buildings or in Military. In Other words, The inhalation of its fibres causes asbestos-related diseases. For example,  Asbestosis, pleural plaques, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

What is Asbestos hazard?

It is a ceramic mineral and poisonous to health. Houses made by asbestos materials cause cancer. Occupational exposure is also recorded as the top causes of mesothelioma lung cancer in 2019.  the highest risk is manual labour and skilled trade. For example, workers in construction, shipyards, and factories.

Why it is harmful to asbestosis treatment?

The most vulnerable is the US military veterans because of its past reliance on such products, especially on navy ships.



A prolonged period of working in asbestos factories may cause lungs cancer to workers. Because Inhalation or ingestion of ceramic fibres over a period of time may be hazardous to human health.


Asbestos exposure symptoms

  • Shortening of breath
  • Nail deformities
  • Chest pain
  • Chest tightness
  • Persistent dry cough
  • Appetite loss



How much time does it take to form mesothelioma cancer?

 Certain Problems arise after repeated and long-term exposure to Carcinogens. However, It is not safe at any level. So, Smoking and exposure combination is always a risk.


The health hazard of exposure

Above all, Once inhaled or swallowed, the chrysotile fibres are trapped inside the respiratory and digestive tract. Most importantly, The fibre will be stuck on the respiratory tract. It then causes inflammation and DNA damages.




No, one-time exposure to asbestos is not harmful. Because It takes time to develop diseases. But ingestion or inhalation of asbestos over a period of time has side effects on the lungs. It can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other chronic respiratory diseases. Generally, It takes 70-80 years to form cancer.

How to test for Mesothelioma?

Visit the nearest hospital. After that, meet a doctor and tell you have ingested or inhaled it at work. Describe your coughing nature and pain. fourthly, measure your weight to see weight loss, shortening of breath, etc.  Take the test for the medical examination.  From the medical results will decide which part of your body is weak and need to strengthen.

What is considered low-level carcinogen exposure?

If you have been poisoned with asbestos what would you think? Firstly, You will feel short breathing. Secondly, inhaling problem. Thirdly, you catch cough. Finally, vomiting and chest pain, etc. In short, Immediately visit at the doctor, take a blood test.

Can you live in a house with ceramic tiles?

Prevention is better than cure. The doctor will examine the reports and conclude the symptoms. He will also explain the types of poisoning. In such cases, both government and private health clinic will provide you with a quick test service.

Compensation Mesothelioma to family members

In case of death, there is a provision for families to claim insurance support. Hiring a Lawsuit firm would be best to get such claims. Their lawyers and attorneys will support you more.


Free information guide for the following countries

United States of America (USA)

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom (UK)


Dubai (United Arab Emirates)




  • Malignant Mesothelioma
  • Lung cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Laryngeal cancer
  • Can a one-time exposure to asbestos be harmful?
  • Get the best treatment in 2019
  • Cancer caused by Asbestos exposure
  • How do you know if you have been affected by asbestos pipe?
  • Poisoning by asbestos fibers?
  • Does everyone expose to the asbestos fibers and cement get sick?
  • How to remove Chrysotile in the Lungs?
  • What is ceramic poisoning?
  • Limits and its effects
  • Are you ready to claim for mesothelioma cancer in 2019?
  • Need an attorney online?

Types of Asbestos | Cure Lung Cancer related diseases

Brief information about Types of it

This post overview the different types of asbestos and its related diseases. That is to say, It is a carcinogenic mineral. Construction and household consumers products contain more quantities of such minerals nowadays.  Floor tiles, wall bricks, and cement are a common example of its causing agent.

To clarify, Exposure to it may be a risk in the future.

Different Types of Asbestos material

  1. Chrysotile (white)
  2. Amosite (brown)
  3. crocidolite (blue)
  4. Tremolite
  5. Actinolite
  6. Anthophyllite

Related diseases

It is true that asbestos fibers exposure causes respiratory-related diseases. It mainly affects health causing cancer in the lungs. Its symptoms are also similar to malignant mesothelioma. In general factory workers remains as victims about the hazardous health effects while working at the mining companies. So the govt and malignant mesothelioma trust funds have developed a platform to claim against such exposure to get compensation. Family members of the victims may consult an attorney/ lawyer to claim for the same.

When were such minerals used for the first time?

Such materials were seen widely used in the United Kingdom industry and home building. Also reported, 5000 people death per year in the recent past in the UK. Therefore the government of the UK banned such carcinogenic mineral. A result, a shop can’t even sell asbestos pipe, tiles, cement in such countries. Whereas developing countries like India, Thailand, Myanmar, UAE, Nepal, etc use asbestos made products increasingly.

Material Inside

It is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral. It has been widely used in building materials in the UK between the 1950s to 1980s. Russia, China, Brazil, and southern Africa mined such minerals. In 1999 the UK banned the use of such material in construction building. However, countries like India, China, Russia, and Indonesia still use it in construction.

The people who are at Danger include
  • Builders
  • Carpenter, floor tile joiners
  • Roofing contractor
  • Fire and burglar alarm installer
Its Different types
  • fibrous, heat resistant minerals
  • Effects health of workers in the industry
  • American construction materials
  • Soundproof

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