earn money online with youtube adsense

How to earn money from Youtube 2019

We all have heard about people earning from youtube. It is easy. Earning in youtube is based on subscribers. So start monetizing your videos and earn revenues today. Follow the simple steps below

  1.  Set up a youtube channel and fill in the channel description using target keywords.
  2. Upload videos to your youtube channel. Make sure that you have uploaded a high-quality contents
  3. Fill in the video details using long tail keywords.
  4. Gain an audience by doing a little SEO. Do some backlinking with social media.
  5. Now Link with Google Adsense account and monetize your videos.

How much money do you make per view on youtube?

Advertisers pay only when the ads are clicked or watched for 30 seconds. Unless the ads are not clicked, it is not possible to earn money with youtube? However, Your impression will be counted for every video you watch.

How do you start making money with youtube.com?

Link your youtube account with Adsense, do some SEO on page-OFF page optimization and enable the monetization on the settings. Once it is monetized, you will be getting paid.

How many subscribers do you need to get paid?

You may need 1000 subscribers to start earning. But when you reach 10,000 subscribers, you can expect for 100$ per sponsorship.

Top highest paid youtube stars of 2018

  1. Logan Paul
  2. Pewdiepie
  3. jacksepticeye
  4. VanossGaming
  5. Markiplier
  6. Jeffree Star
  7. DanTDM

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