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What is education?

Educational website for students: Education is a part of the Learning new skills. It enhances skills development.  Poor Children in India gets primary education up to age 14. While education in parts of Africa faces attendance shortages and because of poverty and lack of access.

What are the types of education?

There are three types of the education system. They are formal, informal and nonformal education system.

Top 10 countries with most primary school pupils?

In this educational website, you will know the facts of world known educational information.

  1. India
  2. China
  3. Brazil
  4. USA
  5. Nigeria
  6. Phillippines
  7. Pakistan
  8. Mexico
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Pakistan

The 10 countries with the shortest school life expectancy

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Russia
  4. USA
  5. Brazil
  6. Indonesia
  7. Japan
  8. South Korea
  9. Ukraine
  10. Egypt

Top 10 most popular subject areas for degrees in the UK

  1. Creative arts and design
  2. Social studies
  3. Biological sciences
  4. Subject allied to medicines
  5. Engineering and technology
  6. Languages
  7. Historical and philosophical studies
  8. Computer sciences
  9. Law
  10. Business and administrative studies