China sprouted Cotton seeds on moon

Nation this Week- Bt Cotton Plantation at Moon

China’s Chang’e 4-probe spacecraft successfully planted Bt cotton seed on the moon. In this spacecraft, several seeds were sent to the moon. The first plant to get sprouted on the moon is the Bt cotton seeds.

Why Bt cotton seeds only grew on the moon surface?

Bt cotton is a genetically modified plant and can even grow in bricks too. The sprouting of bt cotton proves that All types of genetically modified plants can be grown on the moon.

Who conducted the Lunar probe experiment on the moon?

The Chongqing University of China conducted the experiment to grow the plant on the moon. They sent several seeds, fruit fly, etc on a sealed container to the moon via the lunar probe. More interestingly Only the Bt cotton seeds were seen sprouted. This shows that Genetically modified plants can grow on the surface of the moon.

What if the container carrying seeds to the moon is opened?

When the container carrying seeds to the moon is opened the mini biosphere will be lost because there would be temperature difference and if want to grow for longer periods by opening the container can only be done via a sprinkling of water on the container on the little amount to maintain humidity around.

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