Soil health card printing services at our CSC Imphal,Manipur-India

Through CSC we are now able to get soil health card printing services in Manipur under the assistance of State Soil Testing, Agri Dept, Government of Manipur, India.

Soil Health Card printing services in CSC

There is no need to pay extra charges, Give your soil sample to your nearest Govt Soil Testing Lab and make it tested and get soil health card after the test results.

Current Charges for testing a soil sample as per Govt: Rs 300/ sample including five test results

Printing Charges as per Govt : 25 Rs only inclusive GST.

Benefits of testing Soil sample/Soil health Card?

A soil can tell the productivity of the farm. To Grow a plant or start a farm, the first thing you need is to prepare the soil in 2-3 days, take the seeds/nursery plant, Plant it and keep in dark area for 3-4 days and bring to semi-light.

Organic fertilizer gi chang Khangdokminnasi? Let us know the % of organic fertilizer FYM, urea, potash, etc to be used for your fields.

Soil test toubiduna Adomgi Pothok hengathanbiyu.

Know your soil health report from CSC after testing. For more information please comment us below.

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