How to plant a tree? Need for preparation of soil before plantation.

This post deals with the basic methods of planting a trees after preparing soil. It also demonstrates the advantages of preparing soils before plantation and irrigation.

Tree plantation is not a joke?

Do you think, taking a selfie while planting a tree can decrease the global warming. That is to say, the basic method of planting a tree step by steps procedure. And lets avoid ideas to fill any space with instant tree plantation.

Government should take action against instant tree plantation without preparing soils. In the end of this post you will find a very intersting story about a Go green Stake holder.

Our facebook research team has figured out the number of person who takes tree plantation is 50% more than that of the bollywood actors. However the expected survival rate of the planted trees is 0% because of the following reasons

  • Plantation without knowledge
  • Unprepared soil
  • Irrigation failure
  • Natural calamities
  • Man made calamities

Scientist proves that taking selfie before and after tree plantation does not have any effect on the life cycle of a plant. The basic need of plantation is the soil, air sunlight and water.