Environmental Article – United Nations strategy on reducing pollution

The United Nations program on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation( UN-REDD) was created under ‘Food & Agriculture Organization’ (FAO), ‘UNDP’ and UNEP in September 2008 in connection with accordance with UNFCCC decisions based on Bali Action plan and REDD.

Development goal and objectives of the program

  • Reduce forest emissions and enhance carbon stocks in forest
  • Expanding establishment with more than 60 official partner countries including Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America Caribbean.

UN-REDD Support to Partner countries

  • Direct funding and technical support to the design and implementation of National REDD+ program
  • Complementary tailored funding
  • Technical country Capacity enhancing support


The UN-REDD programme’s 2016-2020 allow full and effective participation of all UN-REDD stakeholders which may include partner countries, donors, indigenous people, civil society, organization, etc