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CSC banking with bank Mitra

Become bank mitra CSP today and start kiosk banking services at your service centre. Eligibility: An indian citizen who is above 18 years of age and passed test/screening exam .Common service centre is giving good opprtuinity to youth in India, helping them earn huge income from digital India Program.

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Soil health card printing services at our CSC Imphal,Manipur-India

Through CSC we are now able to get soil health card printing services in Manipur under the assistance of State Soil Testing, Agri Dept, Government of Manipur, India.

Soil Health Card printing services in CSC

There is no need to pay extra charges, Give your soil sample to your nearest Govt Soil Testing Lab and make it tested and get soil health card after the test results.

Current Charges for testing a soil sample as per Govt: Rs 300/ sample including five test results

Printing Charges as per Govt : 25 Rs only inclusive GST.

Benefits of testing Soil sample/Soil health Card?

A soil can tell the productivity of the farm. To Grow a plant or start a farm, the first thing you need is to prepare the soil in 2-3 days, take the seeds/nursery plant, Plant it and keep in dark area for 3-4 days and bring to semi-light.

Organic fertilizer gi chang Khangdokminnasi? Let us know the % of organic fertilizer FYM, urea, potash, etc to be used for your fields.

Soil test toubiduna Adomgi Pothok hengathanbiyu.

Know your soil health report from CSC after testing. For more information please comment us below.

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What is GFR?

How to plant a tree? Need for preparation of soil before plantation.

This post deals with the basic methods of planting a trees after preparing soil. It also demonstrates the advantages of preparing soils before plantation and irrigation.

Tree plantation is not a joke?

Do you think, taking a selfie while planting a tree can decrease the global warming. That is to say, the basic method of planting a tree step by steps procedure. And lets avoid ideas to fill any space with instant tree plantation.

Government should take action against instant tree plantation without preparing soils. In the end of this post you will find a very intersting story about a Go green Stake holder.

Our facebook research team has figured out the number of person who takes tree plantation is 50% more than that of the bollywood actors. However the expected survival rate of the planted trees is 0% because of the following reasons

  • Plantation without knowledge
  • Unprepared soil
  • Irrigation failure
  • Natural calamities
  • Man made calamities

Scientist proves that taking selfie before and after tree plantation does not have any effect on the life cycle of a plant. The basic need of plantation is the soil, air sunlight and water.

Environmental Article – United Nations strategy on reducing pollution

The United Nations program on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation( UN-REDD) was created under ‘Food & Agriculture Organization’ (FAO), ‘UNDP’ and UNEP in September 2008 in connection with accordance with UNFCCC decisions based on Bali Action plan and REDD.

Development goal and objectives of the program

  • Reduce forest emissions and enhance carbon stocks in forest
  • Expanding establishment with more than 60 official partner countries including Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America Caribbean.

UN-REDD Support to Partner countries

  • Direct funding and technical support to the design and implementation of National REDD+ program
  • Complementary tailored funding
  • Technical country Capacity enhancing support


The UN-REDD programme’s 2016-2020 allow full and effective participation of all UN-REDD stakeholders which may include partner countries, donors, indigenous people, civil society, organization, etc

China sprouted Cotton seeds on moon

Nation this Week- Bt Cotton Plantation at Moon

China’s Chang’e 4-probe spacecraft successfully planted Bt cotton seed on the moon. In this spacecraft, several seeds were sent to the moon. The first plant to get sprouted on the moon is the Bt cotton seeds.

Why Bt cotton seeds only grew on the moon surface?

Bt cotton is a genetically modified plant and can even grow in bricks too. The sprouting of bt cotton proves that All types of genetically modified plants can be grown on the moon.

Who conducted the Lunar probe experiment on the moon?

The Chongqing University of China conducted the experiment to grow the plant on the moon. They sent several seeds, fruit fly, etc on a sealed container to the moon via the lunar probe. More interestingly Only the Bt cotton seeds were seen sprouted. This shows that Genetically modified plants can grow on the surface of the moon.

What if the container carrying seeds to the moon is opened?

When the container carrying seeds to the moon is opened the mini biosphere will be lost because there would be temperature difference and if want to grow for longer periods by opening the container can only be done via a sprinkling of water on the container on the little amount to maintain humidity around.

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Latest Newsbox of the month

Extremely useful for various competitive exams in India. Read daily live news updates for both national and international events. Covering world panorama, environmental articles, defense news, etc.

Names of elected/ Appointed officials in both PSU and Govt departments

Name DesignationDepartment/Country/State
Volodymyr ZelenskyPresident of UkraineUkraine
Najma AkhtarFirst women chancellorJamia Millia
Jaideep SarkarIndia’s Next high commissioner to South Africa South Africa
Padma LaxmiGoodwill ambassadorUNDP
Shakti Kant DasGovernorRBI
Takehiko NakaoPresidentAsian Development Bank
K.V KamathChairmanBRICS Bank

Awards/ Prizes of the year 2019

Cyril AlmeidaWorld press freedom Hero awardCivil millitary relation in Pakistan
Rana DasguptaTagore Literacy AwardNovel ‘Solo’
Jhulan GoswamiSports person of the year award at Calcutta.Sports

The South Florida Sun SentinelPulitzer prizes 2019 Public service
Staff of the Pitisburgh Post gazettePulitzer prize 2019Breaking News Reporting
McllroyPlayers Championship Golf

Latest International News

  • UK govt Launches Modern Slavery innovation fund (MSIF)
  • Senegal Government accepted to scrap the post of Prime Minister
  • US wins WTO against China’s Grain exchange
  • Country Nepal Launches its First Satellite from the US
  • Pakistan launches guidelines to initiate UNSC 1267 sanctions
  • Japan’ New imperial era to be called as Reiwa
  • UAE approved a new rule for expats under which foreign.
  • 5G network service started in South Korea.
  • IMF REPORTS: India to grow at 7.3% in 2019 and 7.5% in 2020
  • Ramayana stamp launches in Indonesia
  • UN: With more than 113 million citizens suffer acute Hunger across 55 countries
  • USTR places India on Priority Watch List for IP rights violation
  • India withdraws Cross LOC trade with Pakistan

Breaking news

  • Manipur Cabinet Ministers likely to reshuffle this month
  • BJP wins a majority in the Lok Sabha Election
  • Spaceship new horizon research at the distant mysterious world
  • Observed Rainfall on Saturn’s moon Titan.
  • CSC launches new services for VLE

Live Election results today-2019 Lok Sabha polls declared

The election commission of India declared the Lok Sabha election results of India. BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) won 303 seats and INC secured only 52 seats out of total 500 seats. As compared to the previous Lok Sabha election, the no of seats that INC (Indian nation congress) secured is only 1/10th of the total seats, which is very low.

Which party is leading in vidhan sabha election 2019?

As seen from the above live results, it is obvious that majority goes to BJP.

BJP wins the majority in the Lok Sabha Election held in 2019.

Almost above 50 % of the seats are won by the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha election in India. More than half the total number of the states in India elected BJP candidates.

US president and other Foreign Minister congratulate PM narendra Modi for the Grand victory on the 2019 Vidhan Sabha election results.

2019 Lok sabha Live Election results link

ManipurArunachal Pradesh
OdissaWest Bengal
Tamil NaduGoa
SikkimMadhya Pradesh
JharkhandJammu and Kashmir

Where to watch live 2019 Manipur Lok Sabha live election results?

You don’t need to switch ON your TV set every time to watch the news in 2019 because you can watch the trending voting polls results at watch live Lok Sabha election result for Manipur, India.

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What is repoll?Rahul Gandhi resignO. Nabakishore got second in the 2019 Lok Sabha election results Manipur
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Election commission of IndiaPM Narendra ModiVidhan Sabha
Become a voterEnroll in censusJoin a political party

Quote of the day: A nation is a global ecosystem that cannot be destroyed but changes from one form to another.

Get Soil health card from CSC digital India

Print soil health card at CSC

CSC digital India brings a good platform for a farmer to get a soil health card (SHC) through the common service center. Charges for registration and printing cost at Rs. 40 per SHC.

Where to test your soil sample in Manipur?

KVK or Government Agriculture department of Manipur provides the facility to test your soil sample at minimal charges.

What are the documents required to get Soil health card?

A farmer needs to submit crops details along with variety, dag no, Aadhar no, mobile number and farmer size too.

How long does it take to generate a Soil health card?

It doesn’t take much time to get a SHC. Once the test result is entered on the portal, immediately you can receive SHC.

Terms related with SHC

Test results entryGeneral Fertilizer RecommendationSoil testing kits
SHC print at CSCkvk Soil testing LAbsHYV/Hybrid crops

Other CSC services

Need assistance?

Don’t know how to get SHC? Don’t worry we will assist you to test your soil sample and get SHC in Manipur, India. Comment us below for more information.

Best Android Google Play store apps to Download

Where to get an android app?

Google play store provides you free access to the top ten essential user android smartphone application. In this apps store, you will find thousands of system and utility apps. This is actually an android market place to download free and awesome user and business applications.

Top categories on Google Playstore


MusicHealth and fitnessFinance
AUTO & VehiclesShoppingTools
BeautyVideo players and editorsWeather
Boks and referenceNews and magazinesPesonalization

What are the best free games on the play store?

  • Another Eden
  • Alto’s Odyssey
  • Asphalt 9
  • Brawl stars
  • Hearthstone
  • EA sports games
  • Critical Ops
  • PUB G
  • Mobile Legend

Download only recommended Popular apps on your smartphone. Your contribution to spam free world is valuable.

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SEO optimization and Backlinking tricks 2019

SEO optimization/search engine marketing consultant

Be the first to get the best online SEM services and packages for your company website rankings. This is a golden opportunity to transform your business online. We guarantee of driving more customers to your store from both google and yahoo search engine.

White hat SEO
White hat SEO services consultant India helping you to find Top searched CPC keywords online

White hat Seo Optimization and marketing

Want to make a shopping WordPress CMS site with payment gateway and check search engine optimization. This is the right place to learn how amazon, alibaba sites gain traffic from organic search result page (SERP).

The White Hat Search engine optimization is mostly recommended local techniques to place a company website on top rankings.

Steps to SEO optimization keywords for products on shopping site

  • Put featured product images with caption and description tag
  • Optimize keywords on images link, H1, H2, H3 & H4 heading tags
  • Write contents up to 450 words for every page or post
  • Use target keywords with 3% of the total word count on the page
  • We recommend long tail keywords
  • Don’t use more passive voice, make contents as simple as a class 3 students can understand
  • Put meta tags and do follow tags
  • Last but not the least use transition word up to 20 % of the total word count

SEO optimization packages for your website in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, India

Wherever you go, WordPress CMS always brings the best quality web site marketing features. In a local WordPress CMS(Content management system), you will access to plugins, themes template, widgets, link building, etc. That is to say, WordPress web developing tool gives the best-featured service to analyze, optimize page ranking using SEM optimized High / Low CPC keywords.

Don’t worry about payment gateway?

We will make your e-commerce company website for your store with payment. Paypal is everything you need to have.

Don’t give up. You can have your own web space. Hosting a site for your business agency is very important in the modern digital world. People want to buy products and services at home.

Hosting a free website domain in the USA and UK?

It is very easy to get a free website online in the USA. However, designing a website may take time. So we recommend making a website with WordPress, Wix, JOOMLA which is very easy to configure local themes and plugins.

How to add picture to my website?

On the media and gallery, all your photos are saved. To add the picture to your WordPress, simply import media from your drive.

Learn the CSS and HTML5 coding?

Cascading spreadsheets and Hypertext markup language 5 is a very important language to learn before designing a website. Once you grasp the idea of HTML and CSS, It would be very easy to make hundreds of website daily.

You already had a website and it’s not driving traffic from the internet. What shall you do now?

To drive more traffic, you need to apply both ON page and OFF page optimization techniques. Similarly, check your site’s rankings regularly using google analytics tool.

How Grammarly helps in writing grammar correctly online. Helpful for CMS.

Check your sites against grammatical errors with freely available local tools like Grammarly.

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When was asbestos fibers banned in the U.S?

Until 1970, house building materials and insulation products used asbestos fibers as the primary agent. That is houses built between 1930 and 1950 mostly contain this ceramic mineral. However, In the year 1970 and 1980, the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned the use and manufacture of asbestos products to prevent people from malignant Mesothelioma Lung cancer diseases.

Lets avoid asbestos products at home

Where asbestos fibers was mined for the first time?

It was mined and commercially used in North America in the late 1800s. However, during the world war, II developed countries started using it in larger proportion. Since then grew its uses in the construction, shipbuilding, automotive and building industry.

Why do construction and shipbuilding industry use asbestos?

That is to say, the main reason for the use of asbestos in construction and shipbuilding industry are as follows

  • For strengthening cement and plastics
  • Better insulation properties
  • Fireproofing and sound absorption

Charts of Asbestos uses in different industry before 1970

SHIP BUILDINGto insulate boilers and hot water pipe
AUTOMATIVEvehicle brake shoes and clutch pad
HOUSE CONSTRUCTIONStrength, soundproof, insulation
HOME BUILDINGfireproofing

Here on this page, we have learned that asbestos fibers are a silicate crystal. It occurs as dust in the air. What would you do if you found yourself inhaling this fiber every day? However, The best way to prevent asbestosis is to remove the materials made of asbestos from the house. In short, Replace new mud tiles, make ceilings with natural bamboo and avoiding the use of cement at home.